As you register for the ACT program, please note:

In-person Classes

The nine (9) hours of strategy classes are broken into three (3) classes, three (3) hours each when they are in person.

We highly recommend the classes be taken in this order:
  • General and English Strategies
  • Foundation Mathematics Strategies - or - Proficient Math Strategies
  • Reading and Science Reasoning Strategies

You are welcome to take either of the Math Strategies session options. We recommend that you consider taking the Math Strategies session which will make you most successful on the math section of the ACT test.

Foundational Math Strategies
If you feel the need to revisit basic concepts in Geometry and Algebra, and/or you scored below the range of 21 to 25 on the Math portion of the Pre-ACT or a previous test before any test preparation, we recommend you take the Foundational Math Strategies session.

Proficient Math Strategies
If you are a strong math student, and/or you scored above the range of 21 to 25 on the Math portion of the Pre-ACT or a previous test before any preparation and would like to spend more time working on more challenging questions on the test, we recommend you take the Proficient Math Strategies session.

Zoom Classes

The nine (9) hours are broken into six (6) classes, one and a half (1.5) hours each.

We highly recommend the classes be taken in this order:
  • General and English 1 Strategies
  • English 2 Strategies
  • Foundation Mathematics Strategies 1 - or - Proficient Math Strategies 1
  • Foundation Mathematics Strategies 2 - or - Proficient Math Strategies 2
  • Reading Strategies
  • Science Reasoning Strategies

We realize schedules do not always permit the above recommendations; however, we have historically seen more success in the recommended order.

The Boot Camps are supplemental to the strategy classes. Students must take our full session of strategies prior to taking the Boot Camps or must have previously taken our full session. The Boot Camps are right before the test when students need to be doing the most independent work.

Press 'Register' next to the Test that you would like to prepare for and we will show you the available class dates to choose from.

Public Classes are typically held at Nebraska Methodist College, 720 N 87th St, Omaha, NE 68114

In the event of inclement weather, we will post a notice on the home page of the 3MT website and contact parents and student with notification of a cancellation via the email addresses on student registration forms. The decision to cancel a class will be made two hours before a 3MT class.

New Student Cost is $300 for a Session, all three Classes, or $100 for an Individual Class.
3MT Alum Cost is $100 for a Session, all three Classes, or $50 for 1 Class, $75 for 2 Classes.


3MT Classes for the Upcoming ACT Tests

   Classes for the July 13th ACT Test - Nebraska Methodist College   

   Classes for the September 14th ACT Test - Nebraska Methodist College   

   Classes for the October 26th ACT Test - Nebraska Methodist College   

Why 3MT...


We know your rarely hear about where your ACT/SAT test prep students end up so we just wanted to let you know about our three children. All three participated in your test prep courses.

Our first child ended up at Drake University where she became inspired and graduated in only two years with dual degrees, a Bachelors in Creative Writing and a Bachelors in Advertising Journalism. She took a job locally for a firm as their Manager of Web Design and Social Media. She has since gotten married, as well.

Our second child is currently a sophomore at UNL, majoring in Computer Engineering. He took your ACT class twice, which we feel helped him raise his ACT from a 28 to a 30 and then again to a 32. We feel your classes helped him the most.

Our third child is a senior at Burke and took your ACT classes twice plus the SAT prep course for the schools she would be applying to. We are very pleased to announce that last Friday she was offered admission to Stanford University in California. We are all excited at this opportunity for her to attend one of the 'best' universities in the United States and even the world.

It was always important to us for our kids to get great college educations which could then open up exciting opportunities in their lives. We feel that your classes have helped us in getting them there.
A letter from a parent to 3MT
All 3 of his children attended Burke High School