Our Mission

Our mission at 3MT Test Prep is to give every student the advantage of a general ACT prep course that will both calm anxieties and provide strategies to improve test scores.

Our ACT Test Prep Motivation

As parents, we want our children to have the advantage of feeling calm and prepared as they take this important test that impacts their future college choice. Our course is designed to help students know what to expect, and also to give them the advantages we have learned throughout our study of the ACT exam. Thank you for choosing 3MT Test Prep to help give your son or daughter an edge to be more competitive in his or her college entrance process. We always appreciate any feedback, and positive personal recommendations are always welcome.

Introducing the "My Plan" Calendar

We at 3MT Test Prep believe that the ACT requires not only the content of the class but also a commitment from students to practice on their own and apply the principles they have learned. We know this is a lot to expect from a busy teenager. Practice tests are critical for preparation, but to expect your son or daughter to sit down for a three hour test is both overwhelming and unrealistic. That is where My Plan comes in to serve as a daily schedule to hold students accountable to commit to small bursts of practice.

My Plan is a calendar of preparation activities that students can utilize to maximize the effectiveness of our class. My Plan gives the students a structured and guided map between now and the test (and future tests if taken) to carry out this plan beyond the scope of our class. We will show the students how to break the test down and look at it in pieces that they can practice independently in 5-15 minute time periods. By entering their own personal plan in the calendar, students are both visually and concretely reminded of their responsibility, and they have a specific map of how to get it done. For example, students may use the 'burst' options at the bottom of the calendar to choose a five minute science section and/or a nine minute reading section for one day - basically, fifteen minutes of practice which is then 'checked off' by them once they complete the task. By the end of the two weeks of our class, they have the advantage of taking many practice sections, but in small manageable and much less daunting pieces. The goal of the plan is to put them in charge of their practice in a way that is realistic and attainable.

3MT ACT Prep

How to Register

We typically offer multiple Courses of all 3 Classes, or you can sign-up for one or more Individual Classes.  We also offer a 3MT Alum Discount for our past attendees.  Find out more about the Classes and our Schedule.

Why 3MT...


3MT helped me to turn my once far-fetched dream into a reality! My ACT composite score jumped up four points from a 30 to my dream score of a 34 after taking their class and doing a lot of bursts! Before taking the 3MT class, I had looked through prep books and thought I was prepared for the ACT, but 3MT taught me so much more! They provided me with so many tips and tricks that were engrained into my brain, even on test day! The materials and teaching that they provided me with showed me exactly what I needed to do in order to raise my score.
The moms that taught the classes were not only helpful in preparing me for the ACT, but they were also empowering women! They were all compassionate, confident, established women who were interested in our successes with the ACT and in the community. I emailed Mrs. Leatherman on numerous occasions asking questions and asking for clarification on certain topics; she was more than willing to find answers for me in a timely manner.
In addition to the helpful sessions on English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing, 3MT offered a test anxiety session. I put a lot of pressure on myself to perform well on the April test, so listening to Mrs. Atherton was extremely beneficial as she helped me to combat negative thoughts and visualize my ideal testing location.
If you choose to take the 3MT class, I highly recommend that you do many bursts (individual passages completed under time limits), as those helped me to perfect my timing for the test! Additionally, by doing these bursts, I was able to see which types of questions I missed and learn from my mistakes.
Overall, I was highly satisfied with the preparation that 3MT provided me with to conquer the ACT! I am so grateful for 3MT because they made my dreams come true and have taken a lot of pressure off of me as I continue my college search.

Thank you!

Lauren K.
Marian Student