Frequently Asked Questions

These are answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding our test prep class. If you have other questions, feel free to call the number on the website!

Q: When should you take the ACT test?
A: The test is offered 5 or 6 times a year in Nebraska. Students can take the test in September, October, December, February, April, and June. Most students take the test the first time in the spring of their junior year.
Q: How many times can I take the ACT test?
A: You can take the test as many times as you are able in the junior and senior years. Most students take the test twice.  Remember, after attending a Complete 3MT ACT Preparation Course, you become a member of the 3MT Alum and can retake any of our Individual 3MT Classes, or attend another Course. Repeat an individaul Class for , two Classes for , or an entire Course for .
Q: Who sees my scores?
A: You decide who sees your scores. You are also able to determine which scores you do not want sent to schools. Talk to you guidance counselor for details.
Q: Can I combine my four scores of my composite score with scores from other tests to make a better composite?
A: No, composite scores are determined by the subject scores from one test date. Sorry.
Q: Should I take the writing section of the test?
A: Some schools require it. Some schools do not. If you take the ACT Plus Writing test, you will receive standard ACT scores plus two additional scores. One will be scaled score from 1 to 36, which combines your performance on the Writing test, and the English test. The other will be a subscore, ranging from 2 to 12, which reflect how you did on your essay. Neither score contribute to your composite score.
Q: The ACT vs.. the SAT?
A: This really depends on what the schools you are considering to attend. They will specify which test they accept. The two tests are very different.
Q: Do you guarantee score increases?
A: It is ethically impossible for us to guarantee score increases.
Q: How much does the class cost?
A: All three Classes, a Course, is , or for each individual Class.
Q: What happens if I have to cancel from the Course?
A: If you cancel more than two weeks before the beginning of the Course, you receive a full refund. Less than two weeks, and you will be refunded half of your tuition payment.
Q: Can I take the class more than once?
A: Yes, in fact, once students have taken our full program, they can repeat an individaul Class for , two Classes for , or an entire Course for .
Q: Where are the classes given?
A: Usually, the classes are taught at the Methodist College, 720 N 87th St, Omaha, NE 68114, but if there are enough students from one school, we can try to teach it in the school through the guidance department. This has been done before at Marian High School, for example.
Q: What kinds of materials do I need for the class?
A: Nothing, students will receive a book of six tests and a packet to bring back to each class.
Q: Do the classes last all day long?
A: No, because of the intensity of the curriculum, the Course is divided into 3 classes taken on three separate days: General and Verbal Strategies, Math Strategies, and Science Strategies.

Why 3MT...


I took this ACT prep class before the Decemeber ACT. I just wanted to thank you for creating this class because it helped me so much! This was my third time taking the ACT. I raised my score from a 26 to a 30, which means that I will now be earning a total of $16,000 more for my academic scholarship over four years!

My reading category score rose seven points! The other categories improved also, ranging from an increase of one to five points. Earning the 30 for my composite was two points above my projected range!

I just wanted to thank you again!
Treynor High School

What I appreciated most about the 3MT course was the availability of the instructors and the information they presented on the process of preparing my daughter for the ACT test.

As a first time mother of an ACT test taker, I felt that 3MT helped our daughter take the test in confidence.

That meant the most to us as parents.
Ann C.
Mother of Duchesne Student

Before 3MT, I had no idea what to expect going into the ACT. Although I had taken practice ACT tests, I was still pretty nervous on how to approach the different sections and use my given time. The program really helped me to figure out different strategies to use on each section to optimize my time and get the best possible answers. I particularly struggled in the math section, but was able to raise my math score 2 points after going to the 3MT class. This class enabled me to take the test in a confident, calm manner and genuinely helped me to get a very good score.
Sarah C.
Marian Student