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 StatusPrepare ForLocationDate
Past September 14, 3MT ACT Classes Nebraska Methodist College8/18/19 - 9/12/19
Past October 26, 3MT ACT Classes Nebraska Methodist College9/29/19 - 10/24/19
Open December 14, 3MT ACT Classes Nebraska Methodist College11/17/19 - 12/12/19
Open February 8, 3MT ACT Classes Nebraska Methodist College1/12/20 - 2/12/20

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Mrs. Leatherman-
I wanted to thank you very much for your your instruction in the 3 moms and a test prep class. I just got my ACT score back and scored 3 points above the top of my range. Thank you for the tips for how to successfully study and helping me feel more confident while taking the ACT. I am now a firm believer that bursts are the way to go for the ACT. Thank you again and I will definitely be recommending your prep class to anyone who will be taking the ACT in the future.

Mary Kay and team- I believe Kyle has emailed you already but thank you so much for offering this class. He got his scores last night and went up 7 points!! This opens a lot more opportunities for him. Thank you for giving the students tips, strategies and encouragement. By breaking it into bursts, it made the studying more efficient and because it was short tests Kyle was more than willing to do several a day. Thank you again!
Parents of Kyle

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