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Our ACT Prep Philosophy

3MT, or 3 Moms and a Test, delivers an ACT test preparation course that consists of three separate sessions, including general and verbal strategies, math strategies, and science reasoning. Three hour sessions are held on selected days within the two weeks prior to the test date.

Three mothers, all with high school classroom experience, brought their fields of expertise together to make what they feel is a very competitive program they would want their own kids to take. It is based on the idea that ACT test preparation should not be exclusive but instead be affordable and available to every young man and woman looking to take the exam.

3MT professors

Our mission with this class is to recognize that each student has an optimal personal best for a potential score on the ACT. When he or she takes the PLAN test as freshman, a follow-up packet provides a guideline as to how your child will score - based on the PLAN performance - when he or she eventually takes the ACT test. We want to prepare your child to perform the best within his or her capabilities, and give him or her the advantage of knowing the test, but ultimately, it is his or her potential that determines his or her score.

The ideal situation has been to come into the school before test dates and present the material, but we also teach the class at St. Robert Bellarmine Church before each ACT test date.

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Bonus Mom

Announcing our new ‘Bonus Mom’ Molly Atherton, MS. Molly is a counselor specializing in test taking focus and overcoming test anxiety. She will spend an hour preparing students to "keep their head in the game" for the ACT.

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